The Finest Events in Britain & Beyond

Art – Music – Nature

Special day events in the UK
Bespoke experiences further afield
Hosted small group events for individuals and couples

Painting with well-known Artists

Watercolour and oil painting experiences in the UK and further afield

Exclusive opportunities to paint in iconic locations with well-known artists

Hosted programmes with accommodation and meals

Summer Opera Festival Occasions

Social events at Britain’s premier summer opera festivals – Glyndebourne, Garsington & Grange Park

Performance tickets, champagne reception and picnic included

Hosted small groups for individuals and couples

wildlife conservation presentations and lunches in the UK

Wildlife Conservation Events

Presentations and lunches in the UK with overseas wildlife conservation organisations

Safaris with leading conservation biologists and wildlife naturalists and film makers

Hosted small groups for individuals and couples

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    Our events are created out of a vision of the best that we have seen, heard and found in Britain and further afield, and a desire to share these exceptional experiences with others.

    We like to be discerning in the events we create and offer as well as in the way we look after our guests and manage the arrangements. We strive to deliver quality experiences and unique opportunities that represent excellent value. Our events are engaging, informative and enriching, whether that is the experience itself, the venue or the host, or all of three. All events are bespoke and one-off opportunities that cannot be replicated and cannot be compared like-for-like with any other because of their unique or exclusive nature.

    We offer exclusive opportunities for artists to paint with Britain’s finest oil and watercolour painters in the most iconic places in the UK and further afield, for opera lovers to enjoy Britain’s finest summer opera festivals and picnics with like-minded people in small hosted parties, and for wildlife enthusiasts to engage with wildlife conservation organisations on location and at private functions in the UK.

    Most events are designed for just 8 – 10 guests, creating a friendly and personal atmosphere and making them very suitable for individuals as well as couples. All are hosted by a welcoming and caring member of staff who makes sure everyone is included and made to feel special. Your hostess will be quietly working in the background to ensure everything runs as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Where appropriate there will also be a professional artist or wildlife expert accompanying you.

    Images – Richard Lewisohn, James Bellorini, Jac Woods, Vanessa Fagan, Liz Drake